Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Me and Kyle

So I keep seeing this on everyone's blogs and I thought it would be fun to fill it out about me and Kyle even though we arent married just yet.

1. What are your middle names? Kyle's is Layton and mine is Nicole

2. How long have you been together? For almost 4 and a half years and we are FINALLY getting married!!

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? about a year

4. Who asked who out? Kyle did. he was very persistant too.

5. Who made the first move? Kyle did on Dec. is it weird that i remember the date? its my sisters bday too!

6. Did you go to the same school? No Kyle went to Palo and I went to Spring Valley

7. Are you from the same home town? Yes

8. Who is smarter? Kyle is

9. Who majored in what? I majored in business but quit to go to hair school and Kyle is going to be in flight school coming this fall (hopefully)

10. Who is most sensitive? We are pretty even

11. Where do you eat out most as a couple? ummm....probably wendys

12. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Chicago

13. Who has the worst temper? Probably me kyle is very good about keeping his under control.

14. How many children do you want? 4 or 5

15. Who does the cooking? We both do we told each other that when were married we will take turns and also cook together.

16. Who is more social? We both are pretty social

17. Who is a neat freak? neither of us but i wish i was. i do hate when dirty dishes are in the sink though.

18. Who is most stubborn? Me...

19. Who wakes up earlier? I do on the weekdays because i have to go to work earlier but on the weekends kyle is the one waking me up.

20. Where was your first date? Mini Grand Prix (i think thats how you spell it) on valentines day.

21. Who has the bigger family? He has a bigger immediate family but i have the bigger extended family.

22. Do you get flowers often? Not really he used to give them to me all the time just randomly and it was so stinkin cute but not really anymore its mainly on special occasions. the last time was when he proposed. =)

23. How do you spend the holidays? Well before we were engaged we spend them with our own families but for thanksgiving this year we spent it with both and when were married we will try to do the same since both our families live so close.

24. Who is more jealous? Probably me

25. How long did it take to get serious? maybe a couple weeks

26. Who eats more? Kyle for sure!!

27. What do you do for a living? I work at a law office and do hair on the side and kyle works at the UMC gift shop and KFC as a manager

28. Who does the laundry? Ill probably do the laundry when were married as long as he does the folding. =)

29. Who is better with the computer? Kyle

30. Who drives when you are together? Kyle does because i dont think he likes my driving.

31. What is "your" song? We have so many i cant just pick one but the first one that comes to mind is more than words.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks!!!

So I was reading my friend Alyssa's blog and she made a post about the things she is grateful for and I thought it was a really good idea with Thanksgiving right around the corner so im gonna steal the idea and do it myself. First of all i am so grateful for my parents they have always been so supportive of me and even though i can be a little brat at times they always make it known that they love me and i hope one day i can be that great of a parent to my kids. I am gratful for my sister tiffany growing up her and i never got along but now shes one of best friends and i love her to death. she always finds time in her busy schedule working 3 jobs to text me or call me just to see how i am doing and i love her for that. she is so giving and loving and i wish i could be as amazing as she is. I am also grateful for my brother Matthew he just recently passed the bar and i am so proud of him. he has always been such a great brother to me and he always knows how to make me laugh. Im SOOOOO grateful for my fiance Kyle he puts up with all my crap and loves me anyways. hes my best friend and he knows just what to do to brighten my day when im sad and i love him with all my heart and i am so lucky to be marrying such an amazing guy. I am truly grateful he was put into my life. My friends because they have always been there for me no matter what time of day it is, my extended family cuz life is always full of laughter when they are around, and Im also grateful for a having a job with the economy the way that it is, my car even though the whole passengers side is ghetto it runs, my phone cuz i would be lost without it my parents say its my life, my clothes cuz they keep me warm now that its getting cold, a house for the same reason, food cuz i love to eat, my education, the knowledge of the gospel and the happiness it brings into my life and that i can be with my family for eternity, and i am especially grateful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and for the love they have for me because i know they know me personally and want me to be happy and i am so grateful they have given me such an amazing life with wonderful people in it.


So a lot of new things have been happening in my life and they have all been super exciting!! I still need to post my birthday and halloween (i know im a slacker) but I dont have all the pictures just yet on my computer to show you so those will come later. To fill you all in with whats going on I GOT ENGAGED!!! Kyle proposed last Saturday up in the mountains with all our family there to see and it was perfect!!!! The scenery was beautiful and the weather was nice and it was just perfect i loved it!! ill give more details later when i have the pictures but thats my exciting news!! I'm getting married to the love of my life and my best friend and im going from Miss. to Mrs!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So Kyle got home from his mission yesterday!! YAY!!! his flight was supposed to get in around noon but they got delayed in New York for an hour so he didn't get to Vegas until about 1:15 or so. his whole family minus carrie his sister in law was at the airport. it was fun cuz when he left his sister kristin was pregnant with his neice mattison so yesterday was the first time he met her and the whole day he could not stop telling everyone that she was his neice. he is a very proud uncle! he's very cute with her! when he finally got here i wasnt sure how it was going to be with us. i wasnt sure if he was going to give me a hug, shake my hand or just give me a smile and walk along so i just kinda stood back and he came up to me and gave me a hug and told me that he loves me. it was the perfect greeting!! when we left the airport we went to his mom's house and ate some in-n-out and waited until 5 so he could get released. after he was released we went to his favorite place to eat (olive garden) and had dinner with his family and my parents. while kyle was on his mission i had a huge chain and every week i would take off a link until he was home so for the last link i had him come over and take it off for me. it was really cute! i told him that i no longer have a "missionary" and his response was "no you have an RM" it may sound corny but it was cute at the time. having him home has been so much fun. everything just kinda fell into place and it's like he never left. i was so scared that things would be weird and awkward between us but thats not it at all! what a relief!! =) everything is perfect right now i love having him home!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

In 4 Days!!!

So it has finally been 2 years and in 4 days Elder Kyle Layton Millett will finally be home!!!! he gets home at noon and i cant wait!!! i took the day off work and everything so that i could be at the airport to see him get off the plane!! i have been waiting 2 years for this and its finally here!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! it's not set in stone yet when he will be giving his homecoming talk with general conference coming up and everything but we'll let everyone know when it is!!!

Back In Vegas

Well it has been a really long time since i have put a new post on my blog so i figured it was time to fill you guys in on whats going on in my life. i moved back to vegas and im living with my parents again. living back home kinda has its pros and cons like i really miss all my friends back in provo and i miss the freedom of being on my own and having awesome roommates but it's nice being with my family again and not having to pay rent anymore has been really nice. =) i finished hair school and as of right now im just waiting for my Utah license to get here. the only problem is then i have to transfer it to nevada so i can get started in a salon. so doing hair has kinda been put on hold for right now but im still doing close friends and familys hair at home. while i wait for my license to get here i am working in a law office called vannah and vannah. its been pretty fun but it's something totally new for me. i am used to working with kids and doing hair and im stuck behind a desk working on the computer all day. im not complaining though i am really blessed to have a job and the people i work with are really fun so it's nice. i feel really lucky but that's it for me life is great!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

So i made it through my last and final valentines day without kyle. it was a hard one thats for sure. i had school today and as you know my school is all girls and everyone was getting flowers! they were all over the place and none were delivered to me. =( oh well though i survived. a couple friends of mine at school have missionaries as well so we stuck together. once i got home from school it was time to have a girls night with my awesome roommies!! we ate pizza and watched a ton of chick flicks! it was a good night i cant really complain. i have to admit though i cant wait for next valentines day when i can spend it with kyle. <3 <3 <3

Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Elder Millett

So i figure i have been talking a lot about myself i guess its time to tell you guys how kyle is doing. these are a couple pictures that elder radmall gave me that i thought were really good. i love the one of kyle sleeping during scripture study. typical kyle always taking a nap. the others are of a guy they baptized and them with their comps at the temple. i have other pics that ill put up to show you what kyle is up to. for right now though kyle has been having a hard time. he is feeling a little homesick and he has a really hard comp that doesnt really do anything so kyle does all the teaching and its starting to wear him out. hes feeling exhausted but kyle is a strong missionary and hes very positive so hes gonna be fine. kyle is also the district leader so he needs to be an example to all the other missionaries. hes working really hard and being a DL is keeping him really busy. he also just got my christmas package a couple weeks ago and he loved it!! he really liked the calendar i made him as well as the tie and volcom shirt. kyles obsessed with volcom so i knew he would love that but im glad it got to him alright and hes enjoying it. other than that kyle is doing great he is really leaning on the lord right now and putting his trust in him. please keep kyle in your prayers though he needs all the support he can get.


i finally went back to school after having a break for 2 weeks. it was so nice to have a break and get away for awhile but now its time to get focused on school again. its been a hard transition getting back into school but im doing alright. i have had a lot of clients since i have been back so its been making the time go by really fast. i have had a lot of people coming in for highlights so i am doing those a lot lately and im actually getting a lot better at them. im still slow but they are turning out really nice. i had 4 highlight in a row that week and it was starting to get really old. i want to do something different so that i can work on my skill but its alright color is what makes you the most money so i gotta get really good at it. i also have been doing a couple haircuts that trun out pretty good and then just a couple styles and pedicures. they have been keeping me busy so its nice. it makes the week go by really fast which is always a good thing. i had my first saturday back and it was a killer!! its hard going in on saturday but it was a really good day for tips thats for sure! i made 26 bucks in tips with only 3 clients so it was awesome!! i did a color, a style, and an updo. i also sold product!!! selling product is huge so i was proud of myself. school is really good right now im finally building my confidence in it and im really enjoying it.

Elder Radmall is home!

Linz and I went to vegas a couple weekends ago to see the famous elder radmall kyle has always been telling me about! he was kyles companion for about 3 months and they became best friends. tyler is a great guy and he had some really fun stories to tell linz and i about kyle. the 3 of us went to lunch on saturday and all we did was tell stories back and forth about kyle. it made me miss him but at the same time i couldnt help but smile. tyler was saying that kyle is a great missionary and he is always so positive even though things suck at the time. tyler and kyle had a lot of fun together and they both realy miss each other. they are gonna have a lot of fun once kyle gets home. they plan on staying buddies forever which i think is a good idea so im excited for them. tyler also gave me my christmas gifts from kyle and i was so excited!!! kyle got me some jewlery, a soccer jersey, and a nametag! he did such a good job i loved it all!!! tyler did an awesome job on his homecoming talk. he told a story about kyle so that made me laugh. overall the trip was a blast linz and i had a really good time.


So i was able to go home for christmas. i got to vegas on the 19th so i was there for tiffs bday. to celebrate her bday we went to outback and had brownies. so good i loved it! she got a wii fit and im so jealous cuz that thing is awesome i had so much fun playing on it. hint hint dad i want one. lol chrictmas eve we went to my grandparents house for dinner and that is always fun. tiff brought roxy and mia is so cute with her! she kept feeding roxy food and in order to get mia to eat we had to treat her like roxy. it was funny! shes such a cute little girl i love mia. when we went back home tiff and i got the traditional pajamas and we watched a christmas story. its a classic my family loves that movie! christmas morning we woke up and opened presents and to my surprise i got a WII!!!! i was so excitded i had no idea i was going to get one!!! i also got some clothes and some fun stuff for school!! who would have thought a hair dryer, hair clips, and capes would be so exciting but they are for me!! thanks tiff!! christmas was a blast and i got to spend it with my family so that made it even better. my family is so awesome it always sucks when i have to come back to good ol utah. i stayed in vegas for about 10 days so it was really nice. i love being able to sleep in my own bed and have my moms cooking and its just great i love being home in vegas. i wasnt able to stay for new years cuz i had to be in a fashion show for school. it was this huge thing that my school had been working on for months so it was a big deal. i was one of the models and it was a lot of fun. the outfit wasnt really my style but its all good i still had fun. it was a lot of hard work putting the show together but it turned out great and everyone seemed to enjoy it! after the show my friends and i stayed for the dance and david archeletta performed and so did ashley tisdale. it was awesome. we had a good time but i did miss kyle once it hit midnight cuz everyone was getting their new years kiss and i was just chillin there. i thought of him though so i guess thats as good as it was gonna get. lol it was a good night thouhg i had a lot of fun with my girl friends.


so this is m first winter in utah and can i just tell you now that I HATE THE SNOW!!! the first time it snowed and i had to drive in it was the scariest experience of my life!! i live up on a HUGE hill and driving down is scary! someone ran their car into the poll at the bottom of it so its of course that freaked me out cuz everyone who knows me knows that i am not the best driver so with my luck i would be the next one running into that poll! luckly i made it down the hill ok but the streets are covered in ice so your car loses traction and you slide around! so as i am driving i call my dad asked him how to drive in snow and the first thing he said was GET OFF THE PHONE! i know im stupid right!?!? haha but he told me that i just need to drive slow (thats a task for me cuz i love to speed), give yourself enough room between cars, and when you slide turn the wheel the direction you are sliding ( that makes no sence to me!!). so the first time my car slides im in a parking lot at school and im freakin out cuz there are cars all around me and im gonna hit one of them but i didnt so thats good. pretty much i just hate snow and walking in it sucks too cuz i fall all the time and i slip on the ice and it scares me.


ok so i have been yelled at by many people that i havent updated my blog and i know i have been really bad at it but i feel like nothing has really been going on thats exciting to share. its been since November so ill think of whats been going on since then. for thanksgiving my parents, tiff and i went to san diego to spend the holiday with my uncle paul and his family. i love when we hang out with them cuz we always have such a good time. we got there on thanksgiving day and when we got there it was time to chow down on the yummy food. the food was great as always and after we ate it was time for the turkey bowl! its a tradition to play football and this time my team won and the kids got MVP!! yeah thats right we kicked butt this year!! my ucle always says that every trip we need to do something educational so the next day we piled everyone up and went to sea world!!! thats educational right? lol it was so much fun i love watching all the shows they always amaze me! we went with all the kids too so it was cute seeing them all get excited. i swear i was just as excited as the kids!! they also have this new water ride there that is pretty fun but after getting wet and it being a really cold day we decided it was time to leave. the rest of the time we just hung out and played games. we played how to host a murder and i didnt really wanna play at first but i had so much fun with it i wanted to play more!! overall the trip was a blast. i love getting time to spend with my family cuz they all so goofy and we just cant help but have a good time.