Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Me and Kyle

So I keep seeing this on everyone's blogs and I thought it would be fun to fill it out about me and Kyle even though we arent married just yet.

1. What are your middle names? Kyle's is Layton and mine is Nicole

2. How long have you been together? For almost 4 and a half years and we are FINALLY getting married!!

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? about a year

4. Who asked who out? Kyle did. he was very persistant too.

5. Who made the first move? Kyle did on Dec. is it weird that i remember the date? its my sisters bday too!

6. Did you go to the same school? No Kyle went to Palo and I went to Spring Valley

7. Are you from the same home town? Yes

8. Who is smarter? Kyle is

9. Who majored in what? I majored in business but quit to go to hair school and Kyle is going to be in flight school coming this fall (hopefully)

10. Who is most sensitive? We are pretty even

11. Where do you eat out most as a couple? ummm....probably wendys

12. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Chicago

13. Who has the worst temper? Probably me kyle is very good about keeping his under control.

14. How many children do you want? 4 or 5

15. Who does the cooking? We both do we told each other that when were married we will take turns and also cook together.

16. Who is more social? We both are pretty social

17. Who is a neat freak? neither of us but i wish i was. i do hate when dirty dishes are in the sink though.

18. Who is most stubborn? Me...

19. Who wakes up earlier? I do on the weekdays because i have to go to work earlier but on the weekends kyle is the one waking me up.

20. Where was your first date? Mini Grand Prix (i think thats how you spell it) on valentines day.

21. Who has the bigger family? He has a bigger immediate family but i have the bigger extended family.

22. Do you get flowers often? Not really he used to give them to me all the time just randomly and it was so stinkin cute but not really anymore its mainly on special occasions. the last time was when he proposed. =)

23. How do you spend the holidays? Well before we were engaged we spend them with our own families but for thanksgiving this year we spent it with both and when were married we will try to do the same since both our families live so close.

24. Who is more jealous? Probably me

25. How long did it take to get serious? maybe a couple weeks

26. Who eats more? Kyle for sure!!

27. What do you do for a living? I work at a law office and do hair on the side and kyle works at the UMC gift shop and KFC as a manager

28. Who does the laundry? Ill probably do the laundry when were married as long as he does the folding. =)

29. Who is better with the computer? Kyle

30. Who drives when you are together? Kyle does because i dont think he likes my driving.

31. What is "your" song? We have so many i cant just pick one but the first one that comes to mind is more than words.