Monday, March 7, 2011


This picture is a few years old but in exactly a week Kyle and I will be here in Newport with my family!! We are both so excited to get away from Vegas for a few days to just relax and have fun with family!! This is the first vacation we have been on in quite awhile so we're really excited!! thanks mom and dad for planning this nice getaway!!!


So I finally started transferring my cosmetology license from Utah to Nevada. For most people that know me they are probably thinking IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! I know I have taken FOREVER to get this transferred but I have my reasons why it has taken so long. A lot of them are stupid but for me it has held me back. I am not going to lie being in a salon is kinda freaking me out and i know a lot if it is my nerves and the fear of the unknown. I haven't had a lot of practice outside of school so jumping into a salon kinda makes me nervous but I will say that I am so excited!! I cant wait to get my feet back into the industry and keep learning and growing because I want to be a great stylist. I want to make something of myself in this industry and I want to do great and make people feel beautiful!! I know it's not going to happen overnight and that it will take time but I am ready for it and I am so excited!!

Our First Valentine's Day!!

This past Valentine's Day was our first Valentine's Day being married and Kyle did such a good job in making it special and one to remember. The day started off pretty rough for me. I had a bad day at work and we got news from the vet that our puppy was sick. So me being the worried person that I am started freaking out and crying. I called Kyle once he was done with work and told him that he needed to rush to the vet's office and pick up Rex's meds so that he could start them asap. Keep in mind this is all happening around 5:30 and the vet closes at 6 and it's all the way on the other side of town. So Kyle goes to the vet and I pick up something for us to eat. When I got home Kyle surprised me with beautiful flowers and tickets to go see the show LOVE. We are both huge Beatles fans so I was stoked!!! The show was amazing and Kyle and I had such a fun time singing along and just being together. Kyle is such an amazing husband and he treats me like a princess. I am so lucky to have him as my valentine for eternity!!


A couple months ago my sister invited my sister-in-law Carrie and I to go to Disneyland with her and Cris. Cris is an autistic boy she works with and he goes to Disneyland every year for his birthday so Tiff was the one that got to take him and we made it a fun girls weekend out of it. The 4 of us had such a fun time at Disneyland!! Since Cris is autistic we were able to get a pass to the front of the line. I have to say it awesome having that pass because it was so packed the days we were there. The first day we were there we got through every ride we wanted to so we went on a lot of the kid rides and I have to say there are a lot of rides that I had never been on or even know existed!! We had such a fun time though and it was so nice being able to just relax and enjoy the park. The second day was a little harder because Cris wanted to do the same rides in the same order that we went on the day before so when we tried to mix it up a little he wasnt very happy with us. He wanted it his way or no way. So after a huge scene in a huge crowd of people we got him to be a little flexible and the rest of the day went pretty smooth. We got everything done pretty early in the evening so we went back to our hotel to relax in the spa. It was so nice because from our spa we could see the firework show at Disneyland!! The whole trip was great!! We all had such a fun time laughing and being silly together. Thanks Cris for sharing your birthday with us!!!

Phantom of the Opera!!

Kyle surprised me with tickets to Phantom of the Opera about a month or so ago. We had been wanting to see this show for so long so when Kyle found out about the 2 for 1 deal he couldnt pass it up. I am so happy he surprised me with these tickets because the show was AMAZING!!! I have seen the play once before and I heard they cut out a few things in the one here in Vegas to make it shorter so I was a little worried that it wouldnt be as good but I have to admit the one here in Vegas is WONDERFUL!!! The music is amazing, the costumes are beautiful, and the effects are crazy!! Overall Kyle and I loved it and I am so happy I have such a great husband that surprises me with such fun dates!!