Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Girls!!

On October 7th I turned 24!! To celebrate my birthday Kyle and I took the day off to spend time together. With him being in school and working full time we never get to see each other so spending all together was much needed. On my birthday we got up and Kyle got me dunkin donuts. We werent planning on having a cake for my bday so he thought it would be cute to put candles on my donuts. such a cute husband i have!! Well once we got ready we went and got a couple massage. Best gift ever!! We both need to relax so it was nice!! After Kyle took me shopping and out to lunch. Later that night we went to dinner with my family and then Kyle and I went to the Blink 182 concert. I think Kyle was more excited about the concert than I was but I ended up LOVING it!! I cant thank Kyle enough for such a fun day.
On October 8th our cute little niece Lily turned 1!!! She is the cutest thing ever!! For her first birthday Kristin planned a tinkerbell party for her and it was adorable!! You cant really tell in the pics but the thing around her highchair is her tinkerbell tutu. =) My sister in law is so creative and crafty I wish i could be like her!! After Lilys party the family went to dinner to celebrate both our birthdays. Overall it was a good birthday for both of us.


I am the worst at keeping our blog updated!! Well to fill you in we ended our summer with a trip to Mexico. Kyle and I went with his sister and her family and we had a blast!! I was a little scared to cross the border with everything going on but there was nothing to be scared about. We crossed without even being stopped to check if we had passports. Once we finally got there it was time to relax. The whole week was filled with yummy food and lots of tanning...more like burning for me. =( We had such a good time and we cant thank Kristin and Chad enough for inviting us to tag along.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maxwell Oscar Spring

While we were in St George our nephew was born!! He was born on July 7, 2011 at 8:35 pm. The big boy was 9 lbs 10 ozs. Natalie was induced at 4 am that morning and after being in labor for 16 hours the doctor decided that the only way he was coming out was if they went in and got him. The c-section was scheduled for 8 pm that night and 35 mins later Max was here!! Natalie and Max are home now and they are doing great!! He is such a sweet little boy! He has the cutest chubby cheeks i have ever seen!! I am one proud aunt thats for sure! This little boy is the first grandchild in the family so we are all so excited hes here. He is one very loved baby and we cant wait to spoil him!!!

St George Trip

For Kyles birthday we took a weekend trip to St George. We have been wanting to go up to Tuacahn to see the plays so what a perfect time to go than for his birthday!! Kyle's dad has a place there so we stayed at their place to save a few bucks. His dad and mel were there for the night so it was good visiting and going to breakfast with them. At work all of the girls kept telling me to go to Cracker Barrel so we went for breakfast and oh my gosh!! SO GOOD!! I had the pancakes and cheese hash browns and they were to die for!!! I dont know why I am just now finding out about this place!! I will be going back next time were in St G for sure!! When Robb and Mel left Kyle and I hung out at the house and relaxed for a few hours. Before going to Little Mermaid we decided to do some birthday shopping at the outlet mall. Kyle got some shorts and insisted I get something as well. What a sweet husband!! Unfortunately things kind of went south as the night went on. We were so excited about our show but 20 mins into it it started pouring rain!! After 30 mins of waiting in the rain with plastic bags over our heads they announced they were canceling the show for the night. We were pretty sad about it but Tuacahn is awesome and they gave us vouchers to come another time during the season. So we went home in the crazy rain and watched a movie and went to bed. The next day we went and walked the grounds of the St George temple and went to the visiting center. The temple is so pretty there and we got a few cute pics. After the temple we went and got a milkshake at Iceberg. We had never been there so when we asked for a regular sized shake we didnt think we would get as much as we did. Lesson learned for next time. Get the mini size. =) We had a few hours to kill before our play that night so we thought it would be fun to go to the Wildlife Museum. We were the only ones in there but we had a lot of fun. We took our time going through seeing all the crazy bugs and animals. We got a few fun pics too. My favorite was the butterfly wall. There are a ton of different butterflies and they are all so pretty and unique. After the museum we went to our show. We were praying for good weather this time. We were seeing Grease so I was really excited. I grew up watching that movie so I was really hoping we wouldnt get rained out like the night before. Fortunately the weather was beautiful and the show was awesome! They did such a good job and the music was great!!! The next day was the end of our trip. We took our time getting up and got home that evening. It was such a good vacation. it was nice to get away with just Kyle and have fun together.

Happy birthday Kyle!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE!!! On July 6th my cute husband turned 23! In his family they have a tradition where the whole family goes out to dinner of their bday. So for Kyle's birthday he decided to eat at Bucca Di Beppo. Italian food is our favorite so I was way excited that thats where he wanted to go. After dinner we had the family come over to our new house for cake and ice cream. It was their first time at our new place so I made sure there were pics on the walls and the house was clean. =) Its still a work in progress but it's pretty cute. Kyle loves white confetti cake so I made him his favorite cake and put trick candles on it. It was so funny watching him try to blow them out. With our niece Matti's help he finally got them out. =) While he was opening presents Matti decided it would be fun to get into our Rex's cage. It was so funny seeing her act like a dog and it was really funny when we put rex in the cage with her. Kyle got very spoiled on his bday as always. He is so loved by everyone. I really do have an amazing husband!! Happy birthday Kyle!!

4th of July

4th of July was really fun this year. My parents had access to their friends pool so we were able to go swimming during the day which was really fun. We tried convincing my dad to get a pool for their house but it didnt work. =( it was so nice spending time with family having fun. That night we went over to my sister in laws house for a BBQ and fireworks. The food was amazing as always. Kristin is such a good cook i wish i could be as good as her. She also made cake balls and of course they were yummy!! Matti loved the fireworks it was so cute watching her enjoy them. She was a little unsure about the big ones but she still had a lot of fun. Overall it was a really good day. We love having family so close to spend holidays with.

Ozzy and Valeris Muniz!!

My best friend from hair school got married a few weeks ago up in Salt Lake. So Kyle and I took a little trip up to Utah to be at her sealing. It was so good seeing her as well as some of my other really good friends from school. I miss all my friends from school so it was really fun seeing them again. Val looked gorgeous as always! I am so happy for her and Ozzy. She waited for her missionary as well so seeing them make it the two years and get married was so fun. I am so happy for them and I am so glad I was able to go to their wedding and be there for their special day. Kyle and I also went down to Manti with my sister and dad to see the Manti pageant. It was Kyles first time seeing it so it was really fun. The whole weekend was really nice. Its always nice to get away and see friends and family.