Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weston is home!!

So this weekend i went home to vegas to see my friend Weston report his mission!! he got home wednesday so it was really fun seeing him again! he did such a good job on his talk as well you can really tell that he was an amazing missionary. its so crazy that my friends are finally getting home from their missions!! its making me feel old but its awesome seeing them again!!


So Linz, Nikki, Heather, and I all went to see the midnight premier of Twilight!! The night started when we got to Gateway around 8 to do a little shopping and of course the poor college student that i am i didnt get anything...sad!! Linz of course got some really cute jackets that i might just have to steal sometime. haha we then went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen or whatever that place is and it was AMAZING! our waiter was pretty cool but every time he would come check on us he would touch either me or Heather!! it was so weird but the food was great so it's ok. when we finally got to the theater we found out that we were apart of a group that rented out the theater just for us so that was pretty cool. they passed out vampire teeth to get us in the twilight spirit. it was fun. the movie turned out to be better than i expected!! i wasnt sure if i would like the guy who plays Edward but he turned out to do a really good job. I also was a little nervous that they wouldnt follow the book but they actually did!! it was such a good movie like i still cant get over it. when i went home to vegas for the weekend i went to see it again!! thats how good this movie is!! if any of you dont see this movie you are CRAZY!! =) trust me its worth it!! that was my twilight experience and it was AMAZING!!! =)

Monday, November 17, 2008

The best Monday EVER!!

So today was by far the best Monday ever at school!! i had 3 of my friends come in for haircuts and these boys are pretty picky when it comes to their hair and i did AWESOME!! they made me a little nervous at first cuz they think its funny to tease me but once i got going on their hair it went great!! they all loved their hair and when my instructor came to check it all she did was fix a little around the ears for the first 2 guys and then for my friend Chris she didnt fix a thing!!! i was so proud of myself i cant get over it!! YAY!!! it feels so good to finally have the confidence in myself and know that i can do this!! oh and another awesome thing is that i get to write kyle today and tell him all about it!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So for Thanksgiving it looks like im gonna be pretty busy! i was invited to go to dinner on Wednesday at kyle's dads house so i am pretty sure ill be at that. im really excited to see all of his family again because it's been forever! im kinda nervous about it though because everyone is going to have their significant other and im just going to be chillin there. its gonna be fun though im looking forward to it. on actual thanksgiving im flying to san diego to spend it with my family. we're having it at my uncle pauls house this year and its always fun when my dads side of the family gets together because we are all so goofy and just like to have a good time. im also really looking forward to the turkey bowl this year. we will see how that goes down when the time comes but i have a lot to look forward to these next few weeks or so!! oh and also the week i get back from thanksgiving break i move up to senior class at school so my schedule is gonna change to Tuesday-Saturday and im not sure how i feel about that yet. but thats whats going on for now!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My morning...

So every morning i always wake up to lindsey getting into the shower at about 6:30 and i know i have to get up right after she is done. so i get up around 7 because i have to be at school at 8:30 so this morning i heard her get into the shower and i didnt wake up when she got out and when i looked at the clock i only saw the minute hand on the 15 so i freak out thinking im late. this whole time i am wondering why my alarm didnt go off but i just figured it did and i turned it off not knowing. so im freaking out getting ready as fast as i can and im about done getting ready and my alarm goes off!! i looked at the clock again and it turns out i woke up an hour earlier than i should have and lindsey just woke up earlier than usual and couldnt get back to sleep so she got ready. my whole morning got thrown off cuz of this!! thank goodness i was able to go back to sleep for awhile after i got ready.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The perfect haircut!

So today I had a men's haircut and i do pretty good at them for the most part but ever since i gave a little boy a bald spot (yes it happens) i have a hard time blending. I have been kinda hesitant since then but today i told myself i was just going to go for it and hope i do a good job and i did!! when i had my instructor come and check it to see if i missed anything she didnt have to fix a thing!!! I was so proud of myself!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Small World...

these pictures are a little old but kyle was really excited that he was companions with Elder Radmall because they knew each other before their missions!! SMALL WORLD!! They have a lot in common such as a girlfriend waiting back home and of course other things that made them become really close. They had so much fun together and kyle tells me all the time that when they are both back from their missions they will be best buddies and hang out all the time!!

IM 21!!

On October 7th I turned 21!! i was lucky enough to go back to Vegas and spend it with my family. it was so nice to see everyone! It was a pretty relaxing weekend. it was conference weekend so my family and i just watched all the sessions and that Sunday we had more family come over to eat a big dinner. it was nothing huge but it was nice to be with family. I was also able to go visit kyle's family and i got to hang out with them for a little bit. they are so much fun it was good seeing them again. When i got back to Utah my roommates surprised me with this awesome confetti cake and it was my favorite too!! I have such awesome roomies!! it was a good birthday but it's really weird that i am 21!!

At school halloween is a huge deal and we put on this big fashion show and had a competition for the overall best costume. The theme was the good, bad, and the hairy. We were judged on our costume, makeup, and of course hair. we got into teams of 4 and one of us had to be the model so my wonderful friend Noel was our model and we made her into the best fairy ever! Her makeup looked amazing and her hair was awesome! The week before we practiced like crazy on her hair but the day of we changed it completely so it was pretty crazy there at the end trying to get it all put together. it looked awesome at the end but we were all pretty stressed! we didn't win anything but we had such a good time competing and seeing all the crazy ideas people came up with. I think the one that was by far the scariest was Lauren who was made into the joker! she played the part perfectly and freaked us all out! i think she could have easily been mistaken for the real thing.

Hair Extensions!!

Right now I am just going to school at Bon Losee and I love it! This past week I learned how to do hair extensions so i am way excited to start practicing and hopefully give them to someone. My sister Tiffany is way excited about it so im pretty sure she will be my first client. When I took the class I thought it would be harder than it really is but we'll see when that time comes. If anyone wants them though let me know!! =)

Elder Millett

Elder Millett is finally out working again after being stuck in the mission office for 6 weeks due to a fractured big toe. He had to wear a crazy looking shoe for awhile and then he had to wear a boot which he got the nickname bootsie from me. =) He was having a hard time there for awhile but they kept him there in Brazil for a reason. Kyle is an amazing missionary and he is so happy that he was able to stay and finish out his mission. For awhile there he was afraid they sent him back out to work too soon and that his foot wasn't all the way healed but he is doing great. His foot no longer bothers him and he's working hard as ever! I am so proud of Kyle for how strong he was throughout this whole thing.