Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So Kyle got home from his mission yesterday!! YAY!!! his flight was supposed to get in around noon but they got delayed in New York for an hour so he didn't get to Vegas until about 1:15 or so. his whole family minus carrie his sister in law was at the airport. it was fun cuz when he left his sister kristin was pregnant with his neice mattison so yesterday was the first time he met her and the whole day he could not stop telling everyone that she was his neice. he is a very proud uncle! he's very cute with her! when he finally got here i wasnt sure how it was going to be with us. i wasnt sure if he was going to give me a hug, shake my hand or just give me a smile and walk along so i just kinda stood back and he came up to me and gave me a hug and told me that he loves me. it was the perfect greeting!! when we left the airport we went to his mom's house and ate some in-n-out and waited until 5 so he could get released. after he was released we went to his favorite place to eat (olive garden) and had dinner with his family and my parents. while kyle was on his mission i had a huge chain and every week i would take off a link until he was home so for the last link i had him come over and take it off for me. it was really cute! i told him that i no longer have a "missionary" and his response was "no you have an RM" it may sound corny but it was cute at the time. having him home has been so much fun. everything just kinda fell into place and it's like he never left. i was so scared that things would be weird and awkward between us but thats not it at all! what a relief!! =) everything is perfect right now i love having him home!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

In 4 Days!!!

So it has finally been 2 years and in 4 days Elder Kyle Layton Millett will finally be home!!!! he gets home at noon and i cant wait!!! i took the day off work and everything so that i could be at the airport to see him get off the plane!! i have been waiting 2 years for this and its finally here!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! it's not set in stone yet when he will be giving his homecoming talk with general conference coming up and everything but we'll let everyone know when it is!!!

Back In Vegas

Well it has been a really long time since i have put a new post on my blog so i figured it was time to fill you guys in on whats going on in my life. i moved back to vegas and im living with my parents again. living back home kinda has its pros and cons like i really miss all my friends back in provo and i miss the freedom of being on my own and having awesome roommates but it's nice being with my family again and not having to pay rent anymore has been really nice. =) i finished hair school and as of right now im just waiting for my Utah license to get here. the only problem is then i have to transfer it to nevada so i can get started in a salon. so doing hair has kinda been put on hold for right now but im still doing close friends and familys hair at home. while i wait for my license to get here i am working in a law office called vannah and vannah. its been pretty fun but it's something totally new for me. i am used to working with kids and doing hair and im stuck behind a desk working on the computer all day. im not complaining though i am really blessed to have a job and the people i work with are really fun so it's nice. i feel really lucky but that's it for me life is great!!