Monday, June 21, 2010

My New Calling!!!

So about 2 weeks ago Kyle and I got called into the Bishop's office at church to have an interview. I knew right then and there that one or both of us was going to get a calling!! Well turns out I was right and I was the one that got a calling! The bishop said the Lord was still working on Kyle. =) I am now in Young Women's serving as the beehive advisor and I am so excited!! My mom, step mother in law, and aunt all have the exact same calling so this is going to be really fun bouncing ideas back and forth about what kind of handout to make or how to make lessons more exciting for the girls. My step mother in law and step sister in law have a website called and they have the cutest handouts, games, primary talks, and relief society ideas ever! you name it they have it so if youre in need of any of that please look at their website its awesome!!! I will be using it all the time because i really want to make things fun and exciting for the YW in my ward and I want to keep their attention and get them excited about the gospel. This calling will be hard for me in the sense that I have to teach like every week and that scares me but im trusting the lord that he will help me get over my fear and that I will do great! Other than that I am so excited and ready for this calling. I love working with the YW and even though I still feel like I should be in YWs it will be fun and I really hope they like having me as a leader!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So im kinda obsessed with craft blogs and i found these really cute crafts i want to try. i'm not sure when ill have the time to actually do them but look how cute they are!! one of these days i will find the time to make these because i just think they are so cute and fun!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So i know kyle and i have been married for over 2 months now but here are some pictures from our honeymoon in Florida.

we went to the beach.....

but Kyle was disappointed because when we got there it was so cold!

he is so cute....

we went to the pool at our hotel and it was amazing!!!
We went to Epcot and all the characters were made out of flowers! it was so pretty!

IT'S BAMBI!!! =)
i love this picture of us!
We got pins that said "Just Married" and all the workers would say congrats when they saw us. =)
Tower of Terror is the best ride ever!!
dont mind us were dorks

I usually always lose when we go on this ride but this time i totally kicked Kyle's butt!

We went on the teacups and got so dizzy!

The haunted mansion
the castle is my favorite!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My trip to the doctors...

For the past 2 months or so i have been having issues with my eyes. They have been burning, itchy, swollen, and i have had bright red circles around them. I thought it was just allergies and they would go away so i didn't really think much about it but after taking every allergy medicine in the book and changing all my make up and everything i put on my face it still didn't go away. Well yesterday morning I woke up crying because they were burning so bad i knew it was time to do something about it so i went to quick care. Right when the doctor came in all he could say was why did you wait this long to get it taken care of and then told me i have an eye infection in both eyes. how i got an infection i have no idea but they put me on a bunch of drops and meds so i am hoping they help and it goes away soon especially because it was so expensive!! After my trip to quick care I hung out with my mom and had a relaxing day with her. It was nice spending some one on one time with my mom. her and i always have a blast together and we had a good time considering the circumstances. =)


So I found these really cute swimsuits and I WANT THEM!!!! They are so adorable and I love that they are so modest!! I love getting a new swimsuit for summer but i think this year I might have to get 2. =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Date Night!!!

On Memorial Day weekend I had to work when everyone else had the day off so I was kinda bummed but when I got home from work Kyle had cleaned the house without me having to ask and he planned a fun date night for us.

We went to the bodies exhibit. If you havent been you should it's amazing!
He then took me to dinner at our favorite place Olive Garden.
Not a good picture of me sorry.
There is a story behind the peppers at olive garden so i had to get a picture of it. lol Pretty much Kyle bit into a really juicy pepper and the juice from it squirt so far that it hit the couple at the next table. haha

Our night ended with coming home and just relaxing together. It was such a fun night and it was something we both needed!! I can't thank Kyle enough for planning that for us! =)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun for me and Kyle. We spent a lot of time with our family and had such a good time. On Friday Kyle and I both have the day off so that's the one day during the week that we get to spend all day together and we love it! This past Friday we found out Kristin was having another girl so while we were running errands we took a trip to my favorite store target and got a cute little outfit for our new niece and we couldnt leave Matti out so we got her one as well! =) i love having nieces it's so much fun spoiling them!! =) Friday night we had a family BBQ to celebrate the Blackhawks being in the finals. They lost game 4 but made up for it on Sunday with a sweet win! YAY! Kyle's family is a HUGE hockey fan so this is a big deal and I have grown to love it as well so it's fun! Saturday after work Kyle and I went out with my parents and sister for dinner and a movie. We saw Killers and let me just say that movie is a must see! if you havent seen it you should it's really funny! After the movie kyle got a call that his family was going bowling so of course we couldnt miss out on that so we went bowling and I had the worst games of my life! i got 80 my first game and it just got worse after that but we had such a fun time and Matti loved it as well! She was so cute when it was her turn to bowl. Kyle and I have such great families and we love when we get to spend time with them!!

pretty much the cutest niece ever! she loves her aunt carrie!
Matti and Kristin
she had so much fun bowling
Kyle and I on our way to the BBQ