Friday, April 30, 2010

The HOTTEST bride and groom in Vegas!!!

The day before Kyle and I got hitched we went to downtown Las Vegas to take our groomals and we had the best time ever! we had so much fun playing around and we got a lot of cute pictures. We cant thank Steph enough for being so amazing and making us look so hot!! =) I hope you all love them as much as we do!!


First we got married....
then we took some fun pictures at the temple....

Kyle and I have the best family EVER!!
We had the best lookin bridal party.
Jumping for joy because we love the temple!
The bridal party was the hottest group of kids in town!
Kyle had some handsome groomsmen....
and I had the best bridesmaids EVER!!

We had the craziest bridal party!!
Our luncheon was awesome and the food was so yummy!
We had the best details at our reception....
and when I threw the bouquet my best friend Linz caught it....she's next!
We cut the cake and I got him GOOD!! Cake was everywhere!!
and the amazing pictures are all due to our awesome photographer and friend Steph!! We love you!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


WERE MARRIED!!!!! Here are a few pictures from our wedding that our good friends Audra and Amanda took. There are more to come but these are the only ones i have so far. The wedding was awesome everything turned out so nice and the reception was amazing! It looked so pretty thank you everyone who helped make it look great! Being married is the best we are loving it so far and we are having so much fun!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A special thanks to my parents

In 4 days I am going to marry my best friend and I cant wait!!! Being engaged has been so much fun but I am more than ready to have it all be over with so kyle and I can start our life together. Planning our wedding has been such a piece of cake! Both of our families and friends have been such a huge help that everything just came together so well. I can't thank my family and especially my parents enough for being so helpful and supportive through all of this. My parents have been so great with making our wedding special and getting all the little details perfect for us. I love them so much and i really am going to miss living at home, watching tv, talking to my mom late at night because we both cant get to sleep, fighting with my dad for the remote, and so much more! I love my parents to death but I know that even though I am moving to the next step in my life I can always come home and visit them and believe me I will!! =) So this is a special thanks to my mom and dad for being such a huge help and with everything and especially for being such amazing parents. I love you guys so much and I cant thank you enough for all you do for me.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Kyle and I got the keys to our new apartment and we LOVE it!! it's perfect for us and we cant wait to get it all painted and decorated and looking like a home. here are a few pictures of carrie, kyle and i painting our family room. don't mind the ugly couch its only temporary until our new one comes. =) thanks mom and dad for letting us use it!!

We love Mattison!!

A couple weekends ago kyle and i were able to babysit his niece mattison while kristin and chad went to a concert and we had so much fun with her. she is such a good girl and she is so much fun to play with. she loves watching her shows and i wont lie i got pretty into them and was even laughing at the stupid parts. =) kyle was laughing at me because i would laugh and matti wouldnt. lol matti had so much fun playing with my camera and taking pictures of herself. it was cute because we taught her to say "cheese" and every time she would take a picture she would say cheese. she also loves playing with her uncle kyle and she loves when he throws her in the air. kyle is so good with her i just know hes going to be an amazing dad one day. kyle and i love spending time with mattison and we cant wait to babysit her again! Here are a few pictures of our night with mattison.

Matti had a fascination with her tummy
she likes me i promise! i dunno why shes giving me such a weird look
matti loves her uncle kyle. he is so cute with her i love it!
matti, jj, and i chillin on the couch while she watches her show
matti loves taking pictures and she thought it would be fun to take one of her foot.