Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Girls!!

On October 7th I turned 24!! To celebrate my birthday Kyle and I took the day off to spend time together. With him being in school and working full time we never get to see each other so spending all together was much needed. On my birthday we got up and Kyle got me dunkin donuts. We werent planning on having a cake for my bday so he thought it would be cute to put candles on my donuts. such a cute husband i have!! Well once we got ready we went and got a couple massage. Best gift ever!! We both need to relax so it was nice!! After Kyle took me shopping and out to lunch. Later that night we went to dinner with my family and then Kyle and I went to the Blink 182 concert. I think Kyle was more excited about the concert than I was but I ended up LOVING it!! I cant thank Kyle enough for such a fun day.
On October 8th our cute little niece Lily turned 1!!! She is the cutest thing ever!! For her first birthday Kristin planned a tinkerbell party for her and it was adorable!! You cant really tell in the pics but the thing around her highchair is her tinkerbell tutu. =) My sister in law is so creative and crafty I wish i could be like her!! After Lilys party the family went to dinner to celebrate both our birthdays. Overall it was a good birthday for both of us.


I am the worst at keeping our blog updated!! Well to fill you in we ended our summer with a trip to Mexico. Kyle and I went with his sister and her family and we had a blast!! I was a little scared to cross the border with everything going on but there was nothing to be scared about. We crossed without even being stopped to check if we had passports. Once we finally got there it was time to relax. The whole week was filled with yummy food and lots of tanning...more like burning for me. =( We had such a good time and we cant thank Kristin and Chad enough for inviting us to tag along.