Friday, May 14, 2010

New Job

The day Kyle and I got home from out honeymoon I found out I was laid off from my job at V&V. It was kind of bitter sweet news. I was having a hard time being there due to office drama so when i found out I was excited but upset due to the timing of just being married. The lord really looks after us and answers our prayers though because within 2 weeks I had a new job and with the economy the way that it is right now I got really lucky. I love my new job! I am working as a receptionist for a marketing company and I love it! it is very laid back and my boss is so much fun to work with. For the 2 weeks I wasn't working I was going crazy! I got out new place put together and started on thank you cards but being home alone all day drove me nuts!!! I think I am just so used to working that being unemployed was really hard for me. I am so grateful to finally have another job I really am blessed!